There is nothing more relaxing than having a well-maintained lawn in your home where you can have a great time with family. A beautiful lawn is a great way to create landscaping and add aesthetic appeal to your home.  Well organized lawn with right furniture and flowers is a great attraction for your guests, relatives, or any other visitors. People spend a huge portion of time to maintain their lawn but still, they sometimes need to get professional help. Our Puyallup Landscaping services can help you to get the best lawn ever. Here are a few important tips which can be followed to have a great lawn.

Watering: Many times people make mistakes while watering their garden. The watering must be done less often but deeply. Watering for a shorter period of time can lead to the growth of shallow roots with promoted weed growth. You must water less often but do it for a longer time period as this would help in promoting the deep and healthy roots as well as keep your garden protected during heavy temperatures. Also, watering in the morning is the most ideal time to water your lawn.

Mowing: Most of the time, people are worried about the mowing their grass to get perfect lawn but the problem is they just follow a regular mowing pattern which makes it look boring. Try to mow your lawn with different ways to get a new appearance each time you get it mowed. Moreover, you should only mow your lawn when the grass has grown to a good height so that even mowing can be done using a good quality sharp bladed mower.

Mulching and Cutting: Having a lawn which has lush green grass, you must practice mulching by using a mulching blade instead of buying a mulching mower. The smaller pieces of grass made with mulching mower blade are a great source to add nutrients to the soil and retain water. Moreover, you should only cut the grass when the height of the grass is equal to its roots. You should let the grass to stay at the healthy height of 3 inches and avoid mowing to more than one-third of grass at once.

Aeration: Aeration is a great technique to promote the growth of grass with more firmer roots. Aeration is done using the machine which has spikes that penetrate into the grass to get a cylindrically shaped soil plug out of it. This also helps in better nutrient and water penetration leading to better root development.