Lawn Mowing

Many think that mowing lawns is a bit of a task, but not us! We see lawn mowing as a blend of art and science. Every landscape is unique that is why we customize our services to suit the client’s requirement. Customize the way that you like, request the day that you would like the mowing to occur and the frequency of services. We (the landscaping technicians) are skilled, independent workers who have deep expertise in lawn mowing and maintenance.


By picking up the service of edging from our landscaping services, not only will you be separating your lawn from your garden, but you will be enhancing the appeal of your garden by edging. If you are looking to really work on the aesthetics of your garden, we can install different landscape barriers from plastic guards to interlocking. Edging will not only keep your garden neat but also will keep your sidewalks and driveways nice and straight. 


Trimming up your overgrown grass is not as easy as you think; it’s quite a tedious task. It requires special skill and deep knowledge of the plan biology to trim your garden. Trimming should be carried on after recognizing plant flaws and skilfully eliminating or minimizing defects without hindering the tree’s growth. Not only should this trimming be carried out in such a manner which increases the beauty of your landscape. So, here we are providing you with excellent residential landscaping services to nurture your beloved asset.

Leaf Blowing

Autumns are pleasant but they can be dreadful too, when all the leaves are spread over the garden and the thought of leaf cleanup is giving you jitters. Do not worry, we deliver the best landscaping services in South King and Pierce County which include an efficient cleaning of your lawn and landscape so that your place stays neat and clean. We also provide swift removal of the leaves without sacrificing your safety, when the leaves land in inaccessible places, such as roofs and gutters. Leaf blowing is necessary as it improves and extends the health of your lawn when you take care of the leaves efficiently.

Cleaning Flower Beds

Keep your gardens looking fresh and bright with opting for a cleaning flower bed service with us. Clearing the flower beds is a technique which requires certain steps to be followed, best known by our landscaping experts. This service not only gives healthy life to your flowers but also rejuvenates the soil making it fit for more fresh bearings. After all the debris is cleared, your beds will be all ready and blooming the entire season.

Pressure Washing

Get rid of all the built-up dirt, sediment, and other debris quickly and effectively. Our pressure washing service includes removing algae and cleaning driveways, patios and paths without removing pointing. This technique requires special equipments and skills which are provided by us to help you put together a daunting cleaning task. Maintaining your landscape, home with regular pressure washing can greatly increase the longevity of your property.

Give your garden a new life.